Agility Training

Agility Training

Introductory / Basic / Advanced

Our classes are designed to teach safe agility basics for people and dogs who just want to have fun, but the foundation we provide also enables the handler and dog to go on to more advanced levels

Not sure if agility is for you, sign up for a 1/2 hour Meet & Greet -  $50

   Small, Intimate Classes

Maximum of six dogs / Six-week class / Cost $125
20% discount for returning students / Rescue dogs receive a 20% discount off their first class

Private & Semi-Private lessons & packages also available

 Taking applications now for Introduction to Agility Classes starting January 6, 2018

Training Facility Conveniently Located
Two-miles east of I-75 on SR 72 (extension of Clark Road) at: 

West Coast Veterinary Center
[7910 State Road 72, Sarasota, FL]

Full fenced agility field with double-gated entrance.  Complete line of AKC regulation equipment.
All contact equipment has rubberized surfaces and is fully adjustable to accommodate beginning dogs.

Call or email for class dates and times

(941) 321-9672

Introduction to Agility: For dogs and handlers with no agility experience. This class introduces the various pieces of agility equipment, teaches basic handling skills, targeting, and attention-focusing exercises. Dogs will work on-lead.  Obedience skills are helpful but not required.  Basic obedience will be addressed as it relates to agility in this class.
For students wanting some additional obedience for their agility dogs, we recommend Obedience for Agility taught by Fran Lindstrom (see below).

[Moving on to the next level does not necessarily mean you are planning to compete, but does provide you with better handling skills to help you build that special bond with your dog.]

Agility Basics I: For dogs and handlers who have completed Introduction to Agility. This class is designed to teach obstacle sequencing, lead changes (front and rear crosses) and builds on the basic handling skills introduced in the first class.

Agility Basics II: For dogs and handlers who have completed Agility Basics – I. This class is designed to teach the foundation for distance handling (sending and recalling), as well as basic discriminations.

Agility Basics III: For dogs and handlers who have completed Agility Basics – II. This class is designed to teach more complex distance handling (blind crosses, layering and serpentines), as well as obstacle discrimination, 270º turns, pinwheels, 12- weave poles.

Competition-Level Agility: This class is designed for handlers ready to compete or already competing with their dogs.  Participants work on successfully managing difficult courses.   Course analysis, problem solving, different strategies and handling styles are addressed 

Skills & Drills: For dogs and handlers who have completed Agility Basics III. This class is designed to teach how to handle those challenging sequences, work on obstacle discriminations, jumping exercises, layering and distance work. This class is for dogs who have a good foundation on all equipment, are able to work multiple obstacle sequences, and is intended to improve handler/dog relationship in preparation for competition.

Fun Runs: Agility courses designed for different skill levels.  OceanWolf Agility students are welcome to drop in on Fun Runs.  Two instructors will be present to supervise drills and activities.  The cost is $20 per dog per session.

Obedience for Agility:  Taught by Fran Lindstrom in both Venice and Sarasota.  Fran has been teaching and competing in obedience for over 30 years and teaching and competing in agility for over 20 years – so her experience offers the perfect combination for this class.  For more information about her classes and schedules, please contact Fran Lindstrom ( 941-922-2191).

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