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Hera & COZ
Photo by Connie Summers

OceanWolf Agility is dedicated to teaching you and your dog agility while also having fun!

Hera and COZ, of OceanWolf Agility, offer small, intimate classes, and specialize in addressing the individual needs of the dogs and handlers.  They view agility training as a way to build a special bond with your canine companion.  Agility, whether playing in the backyard or competing, is all about having fun with your dog.

Hera and COZ have been training agility for over 15 years.  Their dogs have qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship tournament every year since 2002.  The AKC Agility Invitational only invites the top dogs to compete in this prestigious event and Hera and COZ’s dogs have been invited every year since this event started in 2006.

In 1999, Hera and COZ were introduced to agility as they explored possible solutions to help their puppy overcome some emotional issues.  Two years later, that same shy and fearful puppy, Kai Lekos (translation: OceanWolf), was transformed into one of the top agility dogs in the country.  Kai became the youngest and one of the first Labradors to earn a Master Agility Championship title and his career lasted over ten years.  After deciding to start a business teaching agility, OceanWolf, named after Kai was a fitting tribute to his spirit and accomplishments.

Currently, Hera and COZ’s dogs hold over 30 Master Agility Championship titles. Their dogs have achieved top rankings in AKC Agility.  Paka and Puppy, both rescued from kill shelters, have been ranked by AKC as #1 in for their breed.  The newest member of OceanWolf’s team is Kui, recently rescued from a kill shelter, who this year is ranked #5  for AKC Agility Labradors and received his first invitation to the AKC Agility Invitational!

Kickapoo RescueLabrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, Satchel’s Last Resort and Southwest Great Dane Rescue are some of the various dog-rescue groups Hera and COZ have been active with since 1999.  They also write articles on agility, including a regular column for Sarasota Pet Magazine called “Agility-The Power of Two,” which focuses on rescue dogs who have become agility heroes.

Hera and COZ’s dogs are known for their super-motivated, eager, and happy attitude towards agility and they look forward to sharing their training methods with you and your dog.

For more information on OceanWolf Agility, please contact Hera and COZ at:
(941) 321-9672
www.OceanWolf Agility.com
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Thank you – Hera, Kai & COZ

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